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how do we get into a state of dis-ease?

Updated: Jan 4

Are you ready to have your view of health destroyed? If the answer is yes, then keep reading.

So this has got to do with vampires. If you are in your forties like me, you may remember a rather wonderful film called The Lost Boys - actually it's still one of my favourites. Essentially it's all about a vampire family trying to expand by getting their fangs into human family and the battle that ensues to stop this from happening.

In this film, there is a scene where the head vampire is invited over for dinner by an unsuspecting love interest. One of the main characters, Michael, answers the door, grunts and gestures to indicate the head vampire is to come in. At this point the head vampire says something like; "You are the man of the house and I cannot come in unless you invite me". To which Michael, rather sarcastically replies, "You are invited". Michael's vampire hunting brother already suspects that the head vampire is in fact the head vampire, so along with his friend, tries all sorts of tricks to crush him - light, garlic, you know the drill. None of these things even touch the head vampire. They have no power over him.

You ready? Here comes the point. Pathogens don't sit around scratching their arses waiting for you to come along so they can just jump onboard. You have to invite them in. By that I mean you have to have a crack in your fortress wall, a chink in your armour, an open door with a sign that says ENTER.

What I'm trying to say is, you are ALREADY in a health compromised position before the pathogen can jump on board. When the pathogen is in your system, everything that happens is what your body is designed to do to get back into balance. All those symptoms are the bodies intelligent way of restoring equilibrium and it's the manner by which it communicates that something is not right. It's the mechanism through which you are reassured that your body 'has got this'.

This is why your mate can party as hard as you do, but not get ill, while you lie in bed busted for a week. This is why it takes one person weeks to recover from dis-ease and the other only a day or so. We call it susceptibility.

Susceptibility is that crack in the fortress wall to allow the vampire in, but perhaps the more important point is that there is lower resilience once they get in which is why it takes you longer to fight them off. This lowered resilience, or immunity, can be acquired in life or passed down from your ancestors.

We are so intelligently designed, that often in pregnancy, these inherited traits show up as a way of our cells telling us to resolve the issue. This is so our babes are in the best state of health, but also that we are in the best state of health to nurture them.

And what of the meds? I hear you ask. If you take them everything goes away, right? Nope. Your symptoms go away which means you have slammed the phone down on your body so you don't need to listen anymore, but what about the existing state of compromised health? The meds didn't touch that, so the original kink in the armour still remains. What's worse is your body hasn't had the ability to be able to fight off this particular invader so there is no learning and therefore no wisdom for the next time.

I invite you to consider if that knowledge is not acquired and absorbed into your cellular fabric, how will you pass it on to your babes? Is it making sense about inherited weaknesses now?

So how do you make sure you haven't got a high level of susceptibility? This is the part where you have the ability to help yourself. You have to consider where your energy is being used. Are you getting enough energy through nourishment? Is your energy being depleted through stuck emotions, stress or chronic dis-ease? Did you experience a trauma that has left you in energy deficit?

All of this is important for life because it stops you moving on in terms of making the decisions to move forward, in terms of beginning a new family, in terms of being able to physically and mentally do things to your full potential.

The good news is you CAN fix it yourself. You can see a therapist, you can meditate, you can practice mindfulness. All of these modalities can work BUT homeopathy is the only one that can resolve your physical and emotional symptoms at the same time. When I say it's holistic, I mean it. Do you what homeopathy is about? It's about understanding the central disturbance to the whole of you. It the grand culmination of all the symptoms that your body is throwing out, from your physical impediments to your emotional state. Once we figure out that central disturbance, everything can be resolved at the same time.

So, what's the upshot? Build your fortress, and don't let those vamps in. If they do sneak in, because, well, life, maintain your physical, emotional and mental health to make sure you have the power to bust their arses so you are only out of action temporarily.

You got this. If you haven't, homeopathy got you homie.

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