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using homeopathy for pregnancy and birth benefits you and your baby

photo credit: Del Sol Photography

gentle and safe for pregnancy

homeopathy is the perfect choice for pregnancy.
it is non toxic so has no negative effects on your tiny human.

every time you take a homeopathic remedy in pregnancy,
you are enhancing your own health as well as your baby's.

whether you are suffering with pregnancy sickness, pelvic girdle pain, heartburn or
any other pregnancy related condition, homeopathy can help.

home0pathy for birth

my Homeopathy for Birth course has been described as:

'invaluable for anyone wishing to take their health into their own hands'.


it is essential for birthing mothers, birth partners and birthkeepers, helping to bring your baby earthside in the most gentle way. 

the course focuses on..

  • contextualising birth

  • why prescribing for birth is different

  • remedies to help you prepare for birth

  • remedies for haemorrhage

  • what to do when you have a retained placenta

  • the best environment for breastfeeding

  • strategies for dealing with mastitis

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