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a multi layered approach to detoxify, balance and restore

client experiences

"within one course of treatment, my periods have never been more regular and healthy - they're even in sync with the moon!

an innovative response to the changing world in which we now live.

most of us need to detox in order to balance and maintain health.


recent or past exposure to synthetic hormones and drugs can cause hormonal imbalance {in men and women}, making you more susceptible to mood changes, disruptions to your cycle, infertility and miscarriage.

my two month detox homeopathic programme gently helps to remove the residual imprint of synthetic hormones and drugs, recalibrates your hormonal system and prepares your body for pregnancy even if you aren't ready to conceive right now.

a homeopathic detox is for you if...

~ ​you have used any allopathic medication:
{hormonal contraceptives, steroids - oral and/or topical, antibiotics, labour drugs, IVF drugs, antihistamines, antidepressants, anaesthetics, roaccutane, immunosuppressants or had exposure to any other drugs, heavy metals or environmental toxins}

~ your healing has stalled despite homeopathic treatment
~ your condition keeps relapsing

~ you experience side effects from medication

~ you have never been well since a course of synthetic hormones or drugs



as part of my two month
detox programme,
you will receive

an initial consultation

two follow up consultations

full email support

homeopathic prescriptions

lifestyle advice

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