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me & homeopathy

I'M A SPONTANEOUS KINDA WOMAN so I don't have a story about having used homeopathy and falling in love with it.

knowing nothing about homeopathy, I went to a college open day to 'find out what all the fuss was about'. I walked out a few hours later, having signed up for a four year course.

I qualified from CHE in 2019 and have specialised in helping people become pregnant, navigate pregnancy and have beautiful births ever since.


my fertility struggle was the start of understanding that becoming pregnant is not only a physical act - there is a mental, emotional and spiritual element to conceiving your tiny human.

I remember calling up to my son asking him to choose me after three years of trying to become pregnant. He definitely heard my call because I became pregnant very soon after.

I got really into natural birth during my first pregnancy.

all the pictures on this site (except of me) are remedies that I commonly use in clinic.

I'm a Mama to three little people who are wild, wonderful and unique.

I LOVE reading - obvs homeopathy books but give me a good crime novel any day.

bobbing about in the sea makes me happy.

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