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natural fertility

Are you looking for a way to become pregnant without synthetic hormones or invasive procedures?


If you have been searching for a natural, safe and successful way to conceive, you have come to the right place.

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"I started working with Sapna to resolve irregular periods and hormonal symptoms. I wanted to be in a good position to conceive, as I had been trying without success for just under 2 years.  I was approaching my 40th birthday and was becoming increasingly anxious about the situation. After a few weeks of taking the remedies prescribed by Sapna there was a noticeable improvement in my symptoms.  However, around the same time I was having fertility tests with the NHS and was told my egg reserve was negligible / not even suitable for IVF, and that my best chance to get pregnant would be with donor eggs.  I was completely devastated by this news.  Sapna gave me hope and said I just needed one good egg and to carry on with the homeopathic plan.  I stuck with the plan and 6 months later I learned that I had conceived naturally!  I am absolutely certain that homeopathy played a huge part and I am eternally grateful to Sapna for her support x"

— Leanne: irregular periods and TTC for two years

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This three month programme gently helps to remove the residual imprint of synthetic hormones and drugs. Recent or past exposure causes hormonal imbalance, making you more susceptible to mood changes, disruptions to your cycle, infertility and miscarriage.

Restore your cycle and prepare for pregnancy even if you aren't ready to conceive right now

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From March to July 2023, I will be running a study trialling a new fertility programme that I have created to help you conceive your baby.

This programme has been developed from my own clinical experience as well as building on the work of other homeopaths. Consolidation of this knowledge has resulted in a success rate of over 80% in my own practice.

I have had the privilage to work with couples faced with the painful diagnosis of unexplained infertility as well as women suffering with PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, irregular cycles, anovulation and amenorrhea. I have supported couples with the immense emotional trauma that is suffered on a fertility journey. 


This programme has been created from a place that has been where you are now.

If you want to know more, please book in for a free call with me.

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