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why detoxing synthetic hormones enhances fertility

Updated: Jan 4

Many of my clients have been prescribed synthetic hormones at some point in their life. Whether this is the birth control pill, steroids or even fertility drugs, it may surprise you to know that it has an impact on fertility.

Your endocrine system

Hormones don't work in isolation. Inside every one of us there is a constant and very delicate hormonal dance being played out. Your hormones are responsible for every single biological process that occurs in your body including:

  • Sexual function and reproduction

  • Metabolism (how the body burns fuel)

  • Sleep and waking cycles

  • Growth and development

  • Blood pressure

  • Appetite

For this reason when you have hormonal imbalance, more than one of these functions will be impacted.

So, if there is a deficit of one hormone or too much of another, does it not makes sense to correct the imbalance by adding in synthetic hormones? In short, no. This one dimensional perspective disregards the interconnected complexity of how we function.

Rather than taking a sticking plaster approach we need to understand the root cause of the imbalance. There is so much that impacts your system, and it's mostly to do with lifestyle choices such as diet, stress and prolonged exposure to toxins. The point is something external causes the imbalance, so if we address that, then we can get back to a healthy state.

The consequence of synthetic hormones

So now we understand that hormonal imbalance is caused by something external, it makes sense that synthetic hormones (i.e. something external) wreak havoc upon your endocrine system.

Have you ever been prescribed steroids? In any form? Steroids increase cortisol levels. High cortisol levels dampen down your reproductive hormones. The end result? Fertility issues.

The birth control pill contains synthetic hormones which inhibit your body from ovulating. Firstly, the addition of synthetic hormones disrupts the natural flow of your cycle. The pill forces you to stop ovulating. Think about what happens when you are forced to do something enough times. It become a learned behaviour. This also applies to our cells so your body forgets how to ovulate. For this reason, many women who have had recent or past use of the pill, will experience disruption to their cycle.

Fertility drugs also have a huge impact. Clients have reported symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid have appeared, or become worse, after the multiple rounds of IVF. Your thyroid plays a huge part in governing your metabolic processes so the impact of this will be felt all over your body. If your metabolism is sluggish then your energy is focussed on maintaining metabolic processes over reproduction.

Even if you had them in the past, synthetic hormones will leave an imprint on your body that can prevent you from becoming pregnant.

Sarah's story

Sarah came to me after trying to conceive for three years. She had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. She had taken the birth control pill for 15 years but had stopped three years ago. She had a healthy diet but drank the occasional glass of wine. Her stress levels were low. She had some childhood trauma that she was working on resolving through therapy. She was experiencing grief, disappointment and frustration from not being able to conceive.

After taking her case, I believed that although she didn't have obvious symptoms of hormonal imbalance, it was the imprint left by the pill which was preventing her from becoming pregnant. I prescribed a detox of the birth control pill alongside other indicated remedies. She became pregnant four months later.

Do you need a detox?

The short answer is yes! The majority of my clients need a detox to help regulate their hormones. Often it is one of the first things that I do in order to clear out the imprint left by synthetic hormones, drugs such as antibiotics, anti depressants and heavy metals.

Detoxes take place over eight weeks. They are safe, gentle and free from side effects.

Detoxing is a really effective way to balance your hormones, get you ovulating again and enhance the quality of your eggs.

Want to detox? Book in for a FREE FERTILITY CALL to find out how.

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