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"I contacted Sapna about my children and we have had such success with their health and well being. I find her supportive and accommodating between appointments and reassuring during consultations."

MS, client

In my work, I get to find out a lot about you, so here is a bit about me:

I came to homeopathy through my son. I was amazed at the perfect human that I had grown and birthed and remember being overwhelmed at the thought of being the one to nurture and care for him throughout his life. It was a long journey to his birth, having gone through IVF, I was surprised by the number of risk factors involved in the process.

Although my son’s start in life was not conventional, I wanted to make sure that we didn’t have to medicalise everything unless necessary. I wanted to find an alternative path to promoting wellbeing and treating disease. As part of this journey, homeopathy naturally slotted in. I went to a college open day just to find out how it could help our family but was so impressed, I ended up signing up for the course! Years later and here I am – qualified, fully registered with the Society of Homeopaths and running my own clinic.


I believe that we are blessed with so much in nature to help us heal in a more gentle, effective and lasting way. I have been blown away by the action of remedies and am honoured that I am now able to pass on this gift to others.