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winter illness: susceptibility or opportunity?

Updated: Jan 4

As a homeopath, I bang on about SUSCEPTIBILITY all the time because let's face it, the more susceptible you are, the more likely it is that you are going to become unwell.

Working with a homeopath is all about reducing your susceptibility and increasing your immunity so you are in great health all the time. But what does being in great health mean?

We often define health as not being sick but this can be problematic. Firstly, we need to have a positive definition of health in order to really get a

grasp on what it looks like. This could be different for everyone but for me it's about JOY. If I am feeling joyful most of the time, it means that I have no pain, I have no worries and I can just love my life from one moment to the next.

Secondly, not getting sick is NOT a good thing. By sick, I don't mean the experience of having a long term, chronic health issue. I mean having a cough, or a cold, a fever or even a random rash. It's all those things that you try to stop as soon as they appear. But all these things demonstrate how amazing your body is at self regulation. It's exactly like clearing out your wardrobe - you are getting rid of stuff that you have collected over time but no longer require.

But what has this got to do with winter illness? Well, here's the thing. The natural circle of life goes a bit like this:

Grow - Bloom - Shed - Compost - Grow - Bloom - Shed - Compost

This is evident in the seasonal behaviour of animals and plant life. Human beings go through the same process. Women in connection with the lunar cycle, experience this monthly and all of us experience this seasonally when the weather changes and we start to shed (become unwell).

What I am trying to say is that rather than viewing that cold, cough or fever in a negative light, maybe it's time to redefine winter illness as your body doing exactly what it needs in order to compost. Maybe this isn't about susceptibility, but more about the right time and opportunity for growth. Winter months are naturally about reflection and rest. They are about preparing to grow and bloom again when the seasons shift. This can't be achieved without a good clear out first. I think it's time to start honouring this annual process and doing what your body is asking you to do - rest.

Oh, and use homeopathy to gently support that healing process!

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