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should it hurt this much?

Updated: Jan 4

The worst experience I have had during my period was on the way to work one morning, many years ago. I got on the train and began to feel that familiar ache in my lower belly. Three stops later, I was in absolute agony and had to get off the train. I ended up writhing in pain, drenched in sweat on the floor of the staff toilet at Regent’s Park station. An ambulance came to transfer me to the hospital.

I often had really painful periods and it didn’t even occur to me to that it might not be right. Let’s face it, it’s unusual for periods to be a non-event in most women’s lives. Often there is heavy bleeding, extreme pain, and other concomitant ails such as headaches, diarrhoea and nausea. This seems to be the norm, but it shouldn’t be.

Periods are an outward expression of a woman’s fertility, a reflection of what is going on the inside. It therefore follows that if you have symptoms that cause debilitation during menstruation, your fertility could potentially be impacted.

So, what should your period look like? It may surprise many of you that a perfect period should pass without anything to report. It should go something like this:

- Consistent bleeding for three to five days, no stopping and starting

- No spotting before your flow starts or between periods

- No stopping or starting of flow at night

- Bright red blood with small or no clots

- No pain

- No pre-menstrual symptoms

My clients have seen positive changes with their periods after homeopathic treatment. Here are some of my most commonly used remedies that can help in the short term:

Mag Phos

Great for cramping pains that feel better with heat, such as a hot water bottle, and pressure applied to the affected area. Pains are worse for cold and at night and can come on before your period starts. Blood is dark and stringy.


Unbearable periods with pain extending to the back from the abdomen. The patient is intolerant and difficult to help even though she will be complaining. Heavy flow with clots that may have come on after anger. Vigorous movement can help with the pain while heat can make it worse.


Hot and throbbing pains in the ovaries which are often worse on the right side. Heavy bleeding with bright red and hot blood. Better for lying down and worse for moving about. There may be an accompanying headache which is also throbbing. Hands and feet may feel cold.

If the above remedies don’t help or, if you have long term issues with your fertility or your periods, feel free to get in touch at

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