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eating through your layer cake: how homeopathic detoxing works

Updated: Jan 4

We get into a state of dis-ease one layer at a time. Rather than developing in a linear way, dis-ease builds up like the rock formations in a mountain, where the layers form unique and unpredictable patterns. You unearth one layer but may come across it again as you delve deeper.

What does this have to do with detoxing? Whether it’s synthetic hormones causing endocrine disruption or antibiotics causing gut imbalances, conventional drugs can form a layer of dis-ease that also needs to be removed.

Do you have wonky periods since coming off the birth control pill?

Or maybe you have been chronically constipated since taking multiple courses of antibiotics?

Have you felt constantly feel exhausted since taking steroids for your skin condition?

Before I go on, let’s redefine ‘side effects’ as just effects. Many people can suffer with effects of drugs and have never felt right since they started taking them. The term ‘side effect’ diminishes the debility they cause, and conditions us to believe they are ‘normal’.

A homeopathic detox is about removing the ‘effects’ which often create a block to your healing. There are broadly three elements to a detox:

INDIVIDUALISED REMEDIES: this is the most important part of detoxing. Homeopathy is about individualised treatment so without understanding your unique symptoms, we are merely conforming to an allopathic model. Individualised remedies elevate your health to boost the detox process. In cases where no detox is required, these remedies have a phenomenal scope of action to trigger your body to heal itself.

DETOX REMEDIES: we are exposed to so many toxins through our lives that our body can become overwhelmed, leading to chronic conditions that persist. Using homeopathic detox remedies assists the body in removing the imprint left behind from these substances.

BALANCING REMEDIES: these remedies give energy to support tired and overwhelmed organs. They help with the elimination alongside the other remedies to bring you back into balance.

Detoxing takes place over two months. It’s not harsh on your body because it’s homeopathy, and homeopathy is safe, GENTLE and effective. There is no violent purging, or debilitating days where you can’t cope with life.

Sometimes my fertility clients become pregnant after a detox. It’s all their body needed to elevate their health to grow a human.

BUT it’s not a magic bullet that cures all immediately. Think about how long you have had your condition – if it’s years, is it realistic to expect total healing in two months? Homeopathic detox kickstarts your healing journey. It’s the first step. It’s one step. You will experience gains but there is no one size fits all. Homeopathy is as unique as you are and only you can decide when you really feel your true self again. Only you decide how deep you want to go with this. Only you decide how much cake you want to eat.

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