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Pregnancy is an exciting time in life especially if it's your first time. There is a lot of change and no one can predict how your pregnancy will develop. 


Many women become concerned about what they put into their bodies whether it's conventional drugs, food or even skincare products which often contain toxic chemicals.

Whether you experience nausea, back pains, swelling, constipation, muscle soreness as well as a whole host of other symptoms, homeopathy can help you in a safe and gentle way as your baby grows.

photo credit: Tarun Jha Photography


It's not only a child that is born but also new mothers and fathers.


Becoming a parent can be an intense experience and so much focus is put on the baby, parental needs often become secondary. I want to make sure the whole family is cared for and nurtured physically and emotionally at this beautiful moment in your lives.


However you decide to birth your baby, homeopathy works fantastically during labour, recovery and beyond to ensure you are all born happy and strive together as a family.


I offer bespoke pregnancy and birth packages that will help to alleviate physical and emotional symptoms for both parents so you are able to enjoy your pregnancy. The standard package includes:


  • three one-to-one sessions during your pregnancy

  • advice in between sessions for any acute concerns

  • coaching on remedies so you are confident during the birth of your baby

  • post-natal advice for healing regardless of how you choose to birth your baby

  • childbirth remedy kit

  • a complimentary, no obligation Weleda skincare session to help you choose safe, natural and therapeutic products for both you and baby


We are all individuals. In recognition of this, the package can be specifically tailored to suit your needs. Please do get in touch to discuss a more suitable way I can help you with your pregnancy and birth.