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Hello, I'm Sapna, a qualified Homeopath specialising in fertility, pregnancy and birth.


The ‘me’ before didn’t even consider what it meant to be healthy. I guess like many people, I associated health with the way I looked rather than how I felt. I most definitely did not listen to the signs my body was giving me!


Rather than taking a reductive approach to health and healing, homeopathy considers the whole person. Symptoms are the way in which our bodies communicate imbalances. Imbalances cause dis-ease. In contrast to how we are conditioned to shut down this communication, homeopathy teaches us to respect this intelligence.

The beauty of homeopathy is that it ignites your innate healing potential, so it will always work with your body.


My own struggle to conceive was the start of my healing journey. Along the way, homeopathy ignited a passion for healing within me. I am now dedicated to helping you find that spark to achieve true health once more.

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