Homeopathy found me. After struggling to conceive, and eventually having an IVF conception, I have learnt a lot about what our bodies are capable of.

I started my journey wanting to working in the birthroom. After seeing such amazing results, it was inevitable that my clients should be using remedies during pregnancy.

Homeopathy is such a wonderful tool in pregnancy. It will help you overcome common physical and emotional symptoms without causing any harm to you or your baby. In fact, it is more likely to promote your health and wellbeing and result in a positive birth outcome.

All this time there was something in the back of my mind that kept reminding me of my own experience. I realised that maybe I had to go through my fertility journey so that I could help other people with theirs. We often get those lightbulb moments in life and I feel that this was mine.

Homeopathy is about treating the root cause. I believe that birthing healthy babies starts with our own health. We have to be in the best place possible before we conceive. Homeopathy can help achieve this.