photo credit: Del Sol

photo credit: Del Sol Photography

It is possible to:


Experience the joy of your pregnancy without the misery of physical symptoms, anxiety and fear or, emotional up’s and downs. ​

​Birth your baby in a joyful, gentle and positive way, free from physical and emotional birth trauma.​


Have the confidence to care for your newborn and your loved ones without reliance on over the counter medicines, with the knowledge that you are maintaining and promoting their health.


I will support and empower you to care for yourself and your loved ones during your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

At such incredible milestones in your life, it’s really important that you get the right person to support you.


Book a free 15 minute discovery call to find out how we can work together.

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Are you concerned or anxious about using over the counter medicines during your pregnancy?

My pregnancy guide can help you manage common symptoms of pregnancy without having to worry about side effects to you or your unborn baby.

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