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  • you have painful periods

  • your bleed is heavy and can fill multiple pads/ tampons/ mooncups per day

  • before or during your period, you have huge mood swings and can be teary or angry

  • your flow is not bright red and contains medium to large clots

  • your cycle has been disrupted since you started menstruating

  • you are spotting before/after your period

  • you bleed for less than three days/ more than five days

  • your cycle has been disrupted by synthetic hormones such as the birth control pill, steroids, anti depressants and even antibiotics

You may be surprised to hear that although this is common, this is not normal. These are all signs that something isn't right. Your period is an outward expression of your fertility and your health. I can help to get your cycle back to the way it should be:

  • consistent flow for three to five days

  • no spotting before or after bleed

  • no stopping/starting of flow 

  • bright red blood without clots

  • no pain

  • no PMS


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Homeopathy is a holistic way to address imbalance in the body.
We work at the deepest level to reestablish physical, mental and emotional harmony.

Your cycle can be healthy again.


detoxing the residual imprint of synthetic hormones or antibiotics to recalibrate your hormone cycle


addressing the root cause of your emotional disharmony leading to a calmer cycle


providing guidance on how to nourish yourself at each phase of your cycle


giving you the tools to understand the wisdom of your cycle and how it impacts your life and ambitions


teaching you how you can practice natural birth control to prevent the need for hormone-disrupting drugs


an initial consultation 

two follow up consultations - every six weeks

four checking in calls - once a month

full email support

lifestyle advice

diet & supplement advice

homeopathic prescriptions and remedies

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"I am seeing a positive change with my cycle. My cycle is now 30 days and regular and I can see that I am ovulating. I no longer cry before my period and my mood is much more stable. I am also sleeping better and so much more energetic. I can concentrate on what I am doing much better and feel less stressed. I can't believe how much has changed!"

— Diane: irregular periods with no ovulation

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Let's chat. Hit the link below to book in for a free fertility review.

I get to understand more about what's going on for you.

You get to know me and all the questions you have.

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